donderdag 3 juli 2014

I made a new hollow ring, a design I made two years ago.
Completely in silver, matte on the outside and polished on the inside and lastely it is rhodinated.

zaterdag 24 mei 2014

2 Silver rings - Alliance and commisioned ring

 This first ring was commissioned. It is a duplicate for an old ring to which she was very emotionally attached to, but it was too small and it was fixed up with tin solder so I suggested to make her a new one!
The stones in both of the rings are zirkonia and the rings are rhodinated.

This ring is an american wedding ring aka alliance. I might say: I will never make one of these agian. This I made for practice and although it is very pretty, you can buy 13 in a dozen online in your size and costumize it with different stones.
I'd rather put my time in more creative things ;)

zondag 20 april 2014

'Macro' Silver necklace - WIP and finished product

This silver necklace I made during the last two weeks. I was inspired by macro-images of silver.
The width of each little 'pebble' varies between 0,5 to 1cm and also differ in height. The necklace has a matte finish.
It was a bumpy road, but in the end I'm glad it's wearable and I didn't melt it together.
While being 925 sterling silver and cast by myself, it tends to become darker when exposed to the air. Searching for a solution for that part but with a cotton cloth or silver cloth it solves temporarily the problem.
This was made as a birthday gift, but I'm making simpeler and easier to wear ones for my shop!
Here are some photos of the wip and finished product.