dinsdag 30 december 2014

Casting a silver ring

Step by step of casting a silver ring.
Deze ring is met de verloren-was techniek gemaakt. Hieronder vind je stap voor stap hoe deze tot stand kwam.
Eerst tekenen we de vorm af op de was, waarna we pas als laatste vijlstap de ring in was afronden.
Deze vorm wordt aan de wasboom bevestigd waarna het in een koker wordt bevestigd waarin we hittebestendige gips gieten.
De was wordt verhit en loopt vantussen het gips weg, waarin - na vacuüm trekken - het zilver kan worden gegoten.
Verdere afwerking is minimaal: ik polijstte enkel de bovenkant naar hoogglans en behield de onderzijde mat.

Tags: Goldsmith - silversmith - silver - rhodinate - do it yourself - ring
Tags: Goudsmid - zilversmid - zilver - handgemaakt - juweelontwerp - ring

dinsdag 18 november 2014

Handmade tote bag

This tote bag I made out of scrap materials from skirts etc.
Fun to make en doesn't take so long. Enough sewing patterns on the net for this ;)
Extra sturdy with the felt handles and cross stitching.

Tags: Sewing - Felt - Pied de poule - houndstooth - diy - do it yourself - handmade - to design - bag - tote bag
Tags: Naaien - Vilt - hanenvoet - handgemaakt - ontwerpen - draagtas - boodschappentas

zondag 21 september 2014

Silver initals pendants

 I made these initials a while ago, but it wasn't easy to find someone closeby to rhodinate.
Now, it's finally done.
At first when I made these kind of inital - pendants, I drew and created the letters myself; then let them choose, adjusted them and so on. Now I take stencils from websites such as dafont.com. They have a very big variety of fonts, in bolds, italics... and it's also much easier to print them out in different sizes.
I glue the cutout on my silver plate and simply saw around it. A lot of filing needs to be done afterwards and to finish it off I solder a little ring invisible onto the back of the initial.

Tags: Goldsmith - silversmith - silver - rhodinate - do it yourself
Tags: Goudsmid - zilversmid - zilver - handgemaakt - juweelontwerp

donderdag 3 juli 2014

I made a new hollow ring, a design I made two years ago.
Completely in silver, matte on the outside and polished on the inside and lastely it is rhodinated.

Tags: goldsmith - silversmith - hollow ring - do it yourself - rhodinate - silver
Tags: goudsmid - zilversmid - handgemaakt - juweelontwerp

zaterdag 24 mei 2014

2 Silver rings - Alliance and commisioned ring

 This first ring was commissioned. It is a duplicate for an old ring to which she was very emotionally attached to, but it was too small and it was fixed up with tin solder so I suggested to make her a new one!
The stones in both of the rings are zirkonia and the rings are rhodinated.

This ring is an american wedding ring aka alliance. I might say: I will never make one of these agian. This I made for practice and although it is very pretty, you can buy 13 in a dozen online in your size and costumize it with different stones.
I'd rather put my time in more creative things ;)

zondag 20 april 2014

'Macro' Silver necklace - WIP and finished product

This silver necklace I made during the last two weeks. I was inspired by macro-images of silver.
The width of each little 'pebble' varies between 0,5 to 1cm and also differ in height. The necklace has a matte finish.
It was a bumpy road, but in the end I'm glad it's wearable and I didn't melt it together.
While being 925 sterling silver and cast by myself, it tends to become darker when exposed to the air. Searching for a solution for that part but with a cotton cloth or silver cloth it solves temporarily the problem.
This was made as a birthday gift, but I'm making simpeler and easier to wear ones for my shop!
Here are some photos of the wip and finished product.

Tags: Goldsmith - silversmith - silver - rhodinate - do it yourself - Step by step
Tags: Goudsmid - zilversmid - zilver - handgemaakt - juweelontwerp

maandag 7 april 2014

Jewelry photo setup

Yes yes yes! Finally i managed to make a basic photo setup. These photos i took with my phone, but with the correct camera settings the results are quite good:) 

zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Porcelain paint

This Scottish terriër is so lazy..
Here's Aiko painted on Porcelain cups and plates.