zaterdag 28 mei 2011

The one about the mmod -end-

Our last installation before the jury came, it took us two full days to build it, and we wanted it to cover more of the beams, but ohwell :)
We will rebuild it at the exhibition in a month..

zaterdag 21 mei 2011

The one about the blingbling II

Another workshop! The baking is in 3 weeks... can't wait!
Silicone mould made from a branch found outside :)
Branches becoming a necklace!
Two little Ginkgo leaves as earrings.

More earrings.. the clay will become silver and the little cork balls will burn and vanish

zondag 15 mei 2011

The one about boundaries

some research for my master examn..
Sint - Lucas Gent
Interior architecture

zondag 1 mei 2011