maandag 14 mei 2012

The one about AIKO the demon dog II

I've read about Scottish Terriers and they are known not to be fond of water... They swim like a brick. How Aiko swims, is yet to be found out, but one thing I'm sure of...
He absolutely loves water!
We've cought him making bubbles in his water and he splashes with his paws to break them.
As a result, we mop the floor like twice a day!
Sometimes after a 'walk' (because we don't get very far), he drinks his water like he's possessed...

There was this one time when we walked near a pond, he learned he couldn't walk on water! He looked so shocked at us.. "Huh?! What happened?!"
Last but not least: a super-adorable habit: he always crosses his back legs when he lies on the floor to sleep...

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